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Smart Remote Wake-Up Assistant

Smart Remote Wake-Up Assistant
Brand: Qnap Model: QWU-100
With the QWU-100, you can easily overcome issues with configuring and managing wake-up services. The QWU-100 supports USB 3.0 Type-C, PoE interface, and multiple smart features for you to build a dependable remote wake-up environment.Specifications CPU - NXP Cortex-A7 900 MHz System Memory - 512MB ..
Brand: Qnap Model: QXG-100G2SF-E810
Features: The QXG-100G2SF-E810 supports FEC to overcome packet loss – a potentially common occurrence in fast, long-distance networks FEC helps the receiving side detect and recover lost data to correct bit errors, thus ensuring reliable data transmission over "noisy" communication channels With thr..
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